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School uniforms must be purchased exclusively from All Uniform Wear and will be sold from their store located at 12001 S. Cleveland Ave. (US 41) in Fort Myers or online at www.alluniformwear.com.

Uniform Policy

The following items are part of the required school uniform for Gateway Charter High School. All students are expected to follow these guidelines. Please see the Gateway Charter High School (GCHS) Parent Handbook for the full description of our Uniform Policy.

Students in grades 9-12
GCHS Navy Blue or Grey polo, short or long sleeved
CSUSA Khaki or Navy bottoms (shorts, slacks, skorts)
White Socks
Closed toe and heel shoes
GCHS Grey PE T-Shirt (required if taking PE)
GCHS Navy PE shorts (required if taking PE)

All students in grades K-12
In class, the only outerwear that students may wear over their uniform is the GCHS Navy uniform sweater, sweatshirt, or windbreaker. No hoodies are allowed.

Uniform procedures while waiting for your order

In the event that your child has to start school without the required uniform, please staple a copy of your uniform order receipt to the inside of your child’s agenda book. By doing this we understand that your child’s uniform has been ordered and is on the way very shortly. While waiting for the order students must wear a Navy Blue or Grey polo shirt in elementary grades or a Navy polo shirt in the middle school grades along with Khaki shorts/slacks/skort. No capris or skirts are allowed.

Uniform Violations

Level I – Verbal warning.
Level II – School sends home a uniform violation stamp/note.
Level III – Student will call parent from office to obtain correct uniform. Student will wait in the office for parent to bring correct uniform.

Please read our complete uniform policy.